School References

The Rector is very happy to support the church school applications of regular members of the congregations.

If you would like the Rector to provide a church reference for a place at a church school please ensure you let her know by:

  • Introducing yourself after a service and telling her that you would like a reference.
  • Sending her an email with the name of the school(s) and reference in the subject line. In the email outline how long you have attended one of our churches, how often you come to church, which service you usually come to and any other activities you or your child are involved with in the Parish. It is also helpful to attach a photograph of you and your child.
  • Ensuring you are on the Church's Electoral Roll (this is not the same as the one for Local and General Elections). Church Electoral Roll forms can be found in church and should be returned to the office once completed. Reference forms should be sent to the Parish Office marked 'School References'. Please ensure any envelopes for returning the forms to the school(s) have stamps on them.

Please note that unfortunately last minute phone applications cannot be dealt with and the clergy cannot make appointments to discuss admission. If you think that there are special circumstances around your application, please include them in the email that you send to the Rector.